As we’re sure you may have already noticed, we now have a new website. This comes alongside the launch of a range of new services.

  • Clothing and Equipment: We will continue to design, produce and sell high quality equipment and clothing. Generally geared towards the security/front-line services market.
  • Procurement: We now also offer the facility for you to use our services in order to obtain items and clothing for your own business. This can include uniform, patrol equipment and more. We also offer a ‘stores and supply’ setup if you do have facility to centrally store your own items.
  • Merchandising: We now have the facility to offer custom branded items and clothing. This can be offered on a one-off batch basis, or we can work with you to setup an online webstore for your own customers to use. Perfect for online personalities, clubs and customers where an easy merchandising solution is needed. We’ll even handle the order processing and shipping!
  • Residential Threat Assessment And Management: This service is an in-person service. As such it is only available in Surrey and the surrounding area. However, some adjustments may be possible in special cases.
    50-AP offers a conclusive Residential Threat Consultancy service. Our team can assess your premises and identify threats and weaknesses that currently exist, before then providing you with clear recommendations in order to improve, all in line with current trends and best practice.
    We can even go as far as managing the sourcing and installation of the recommendations allowing you to have peace of mind with none of the stress.

If you want to find out more, use the navigation links above where you can find a range of information.

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