50-AP can assist your company or organisation in obtaining equipment and clothing that you require.

For instance, you may have a group of new staff starting, and to equipment them with uniform and radios before they can start. We can find suitable products and negotiate on your behalf to find the best prices for you. This removes the stress and allows you to tap into our pre-existing relationships with some manufacturers for better pricing.

We can offer a bespoke and fully featured procurement service for more or less any application.

Sourcing Solutions

We can also offer a custom engineered sourcing solution in the event that you envisage the need to allow staff to reorder equipment.
We can process and handle requests for equipment to your requirements and ship it straight to the recipient. This is great for companies where staff work remotely, or cannot easily access a central uniform/equipment store. 
What’s more, this solution removes the necessity for you to keep large stores of items ready for re-ordering, as well as removing an arduous admin task from your own in-house staff.

In some cases, we can further customise items with your own branding or logos.

If you are interested in discussing our procurement and sourcing services in more detail, please fill out the form below and one of our team will contact you shortly.

We may be able to discuss your requirements more easily over the phone.
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