50-AP offer a service whereby one of our skilled team can assess your premises for risk and weaknesses from a security standpoint and then provide you with a clear report on how to improve your property’s shortfalls.

Our consultants have a wealth of experience in identifying and managing risk and threat, and it’s that experience that we can utilise to provide you a tailored report and solution to help secure your property.

This includes:

  • Identifying areas at risk of unauthorised access. This can include windows, doors and more. We would then look at how these entry points can be secured to mitigate or remove the risk.
  • Identifying routes of approach, and then suggesting ways we can make these unattractive for a would-be intruder.
  • Entry-Control – We can advise on how to best implement a entry control system for your grounds and/or property so that you can screen unwanted visitors.
  • Target-Hardening – Techniques whereby restricted or private areas are made more difficult to access without permission. Usually through physical means like fencing, gates etc.
  • Visual Deterrence – This can include signage as well strategically placed lighting and CCTV.
  • CCTV and evidence gathering – We can advise on where and how to setup your CCTV system so the best information and evidence is captured in the event of a incident.
  • Valuables security and storage – We can assess and advise on the best way for you to store and secure your most beloved items.
  • Updating and improving existing security measures – As with everything. Things can change, and you may find that existing security measures at your premises are now dated. We can assess these existing measures and make recommendations on how these may be best improved to bring them in line with modern standards.

Following our assessment of your premises, we then prepare a full report on our findings in line with recent crime trends and known techniques used by intruders and criminals. This will clearly outline what the risk we’ve identified is, and then make sensible recommendation(s) on how to remedy or mitigate this risk.

This report could then be used in order to then instruct a security installer or similar to make the necessary improvements.

However, we could also then oversee and manage the implementation of agreed changes as part of the service!

Threat Risk/Management Solutions

Following an assessment on your home, we can also then manage the implementation of suggested improvements, and work with a wide range of tradespeople and installers to ensure that we can complete your project in a timely and professional manner.

We can source security equipment on your behalf, such as CCTV systems and security lights, as well as have these installed by a fully qualified electrician. We can also arrange for locks and safes to be installed.

Where recommendations become more specialist and may require the assistance of third-party installers and contractors, we will contact, arrange and manage these parties so that you do not have to worry.

We will deliver a full threat and risk management solution with as little impact on you as possible, allowing you and your family to have peace of mind.

Areas Covered

50-AP’s T&R Management Division operates in the county of Surrey, and some of the outlying areas including South London, Sussex and Hampshire.

Book an Assessment

All assessments follow our carefully designed checklist to ensure a fully featured report can be produced. An initial assessment is billed at £75, invoiced after receipt of the report.

There is no obligation for you to then continue to use us to implement the improvements.

However, if you do, any further work would be quoted separately with the £75 assessment fee deducted from the final balance.

If you wish to book an assessment of your property, please fill out the form below: